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Recipients of the Benjamin F. Shambaugh Award

2014.   Lowell J. Soike, Necessary Courage: Iowa’s Underground Railroad in the Struggle against Slavery (University of Iowa Press).

2013.   Carroll Engelhardt, The Farm at Holstein Dip: An Iowa Boyhood (University of Iowa Bur Oak Book).

2012.   Lisa Ossian, The Depression Dilemmas of Rural Iowa, 1929-1933 (University of Missouri Press).

2011.   R. Tripp Evans, Grant Wood: A Life (Knopf).

2010.   Leslie Schwalm, Emancipation Diaspora: Race and Reconstruction in the Midwest (University of North Carolina Press).

2009.   Robert B. Mitchell, Skirmisher: The Life, Times, and Political Career of James B. Weaver (Edinborough Press).

2008.   Wilson J. Warren, Tied to the Great Packing Machine: The Midwest and Meatpacking (University of Iowa).

2007.   Kerry A. Trask, Blackhawk: The Battle for the Heart of America (Henry Holt and Co.).

2005.   Sharon E. Wood, The Freedom of the Streets:  Work, Citizenship and Sexuality in a Gilded Age City (University of Iowa Press).

2004.   Russell L. Johnson, Warriors into Workers: The Civil War and the Formation of Urban-Industrial Society in a Northern City (Fordham University Press).

2003.   Robert F. Martin, Hero of the Heartland: Billy Sunday and the Transformation of American Society, 1862–1935 (Indiana University Press).

2002.   Lucy Eldersveld Murphy, A Gathering of Rivers: Indians, Metis, and Mining in the Western Great Lakes, 1737–1832.

2002.   Christine Pawley, Reading on the Middle Border: The Culture of Print in Late-Nineteenth-Century Osage, Iowa.

2001.   John C. Culver and John Hyde, American Dreamer: A Life of Henry A. Wallace.

2000.   David R. Reynolds, There Goes the Neighborhood: Rural School Consolidation at the Grass Roots in Early Twentieth-Century Iowa.

1999.   Deborah Fink, Cutting into the Meatpacking Line: Workers and Change in the Rural Mid-west.

1998.   Rebecca Conard, Places of Quiet Beauty: Parks, Preserves, and Environmentalism.

1997.   E. Bradford Burns, Kinship with the Land: Regionalist Thought in Iowa, 1894-1942.

1996.   Richard, Lord Acton, and Patricia Nassif Acton, "To Go Free": A Treasury of Iowa's Legal Heritage.

1996.   George William McDaniel, Smith Wildman Brookhart: Iowa's Renegade Republican.

1995.   Robert Cook, Baptism of Fire: The Republican Party in Iowa, 1838-1878.

1994.   Robert R. Dykstra, Bright Radical Star: Black Freedom and White Supremacy on the Hawkeye Frontier.

1993.   Roger L. Nichols, Black Hawk and the Warrior's Path.

1992.   Stow Persons, The University of Iowa in the Twentieth Century: An Institutional History.

1991.   Cynthia Grant Tucker, Prophetic Sisterhood: Liberal Women Ministers of the Frontier, 1880-1930.

1990.   Judy Nolte Lensink, A Secret to be Buried: The Diary and Life of Emily Hawley Gillespie, 1858-1888.

1989.   Thomas J. Morain, Prairie Grass Roots:  An Iowa Small Town in the Early Twentieth Century.

1988.   Dorothy Schwieder, Joseph Hraba, and Elmer Schwieder, Buxton: Work and Racial Equality in a Coal Mining Community.

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