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Yates, Bart D.

Pen Name: Noah Bly

Comments from the author about writing: I love writing about oddball, edgy characters and unusual relationships. I'm also fond of gallows humor, and telling stories about dysfunctional families. I'm far more interested in characters than I am in plot, and all of my books have a fair amount of sadness in them.

I can't honestly say I enjoy the process of writing. Writing is hard work, and I'm a conspicuously lazy man who would rather read a good book than write one. But I seem to be driven to write anyway, mostly because I can't imagine NOT writing. It doesn't really make any sense, but that's the way it is.

Literary awards received and date received:

  • 2004 Alex Award from the American Library Association for Leave Myself Behind.

Book Types: Fiction

Audience Types: Young Adult, Adult

Genre: Drama, Realistic Fiction,

Are you willing to do programs for schools, libraries, or other groups? Yes

If you are willing to do programs, will you charge a fee? Yes. I have a $50 minimum fee to cover travel expenses, but additional fees are negotiable, depending on the program.

Other Genres:  Gay fiction, Divorce fiction

E-mail Address:

Author's Web site:

County: Johnson

Books By This Author

  • The Third Hill North of Town, Kensington Books, New York, NY, 2014.
  • The Distance Between Us, Kensington Books, New York, NY, 2008.
  • The Brothers Bishop, Kensington Books, New York, NY, 2005.

  • Leave Myself Behind, Kensington Books, New York, NY, 2003.

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