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Sorenson, Gail Soberg

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Pen Name: Gail Soberg Sorenson

Comments from the author about writing:
Why does anyone write?

I am a genealogist.  Genealogy requires hours and hours of research.  I had to rely exclusively, in the beginning, on what others had documented and I was pleased that someone had taken the time and yet with all of this documentation available, there were loop-holes that didn't satisfy my curiosity.  Then one day I was granted a letter which had been written by my great-grandfather, who had traveled from Norway to Minnesota.  The letter was written in Norwegian and needed to be translated.  I cannot say I waited patiently to learn what the letter would and could reveal.  When I got the letter handed to me, translated, I could not believe the wealth of information he had placed in that letter.

I became a genealogist because I wanted to write a story.

Why did he write it?  Because he needed to.  Did he know at the time when he wrote it that it was going to be so important three generations later?  I highly doubt it.

I am a writer because I can't stop myself from being one anymore than my mother can stop herself from painting and my brother from singing with his exceptional tenor voice.  I see a story in everything I witness.  I see a story in every person I meet.  I wrote my novel just for the pure pleasure of it.  The richness was in the wanting and in the doing.

Book Types: Fiction

Audience Types: Adult

Genre: Mystery

Other Genres: Suspense

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County: Franklin

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Button Button (Who's Got The Button?), Xlibris Corporation,  2009

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