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Reichert, Mickey Zucker

Pen Name: Mickey Zucker Reichert

Comments from the author about writing:  I'm a believer in "real-life" research. Write about what you know about -- and if you don't know about it DO it.

Literary awards received and date received:

  • Multiple national and international bestsellers
  • Main selection Book of the Month Club in the UK three times

Book Types: Fiction

Audience Types: Young Adult, Adult

Genre: Science Fiction, Fantasy

Are you willing to do programs for schools, libraries, or other groups? Yes

If you are willing to do programs, will you charge a fee? Not usually. Depends on the program.

E-mail Address:

Author's Web site:

Publisher Information:  DAW Books, Incorporated, a Division of Viking/Penguin

County: Muscatine

Books By This Author

I, Robot. Roc Hardcover,  New York, NY,  2011.

A Girl's guide to Guns and monsters. DAW,

New York, 2010.  


Beasts of Barakhai Series:

The Beasts of Barakhai, DAW Books, 2001.

The Lost Dragons of Barakhai DAW Books, 2002.

Legend of Nightfall Series:

The Legend of Nightfall, DAW Books, 1993.

The Return of Nightfall, DAW Books, 2004.

Renshai Chronicles:

The Last of the Renshai, DAW Books, 1992.

The Western Wizard, DAW Books, 1992.

Child of ThunderDAW Books, 1993.

    Beyond Ragnarok,  DAW Books, 1995.

      Prince of Demons, DAW Books,1996.

        The Children of Wrath, DAW Books, 1998.

        Flight of the Renshai,  DAW Books, 2009.

        The Bifrost Guardians:

        Godslayer,  DAW Books, 1987.

        Shadow Climber, DAW Books, 1988.

        Dragonrank Master, DAW Books, 1989.

        Shadow's Realm, DAW Books, 1990.

        By Chaos Cursed,  DAW Books, 1991.

        The Bifrost Guardians #1, DAW Books, 2000. [Omnibus/1,2,3]

        The Bifrost Guardians #2,  DAW Books, 2000. [Omnibus/4,5]


        The Unknown Soldier, DAW Books, 1994.

        Spirit Fox, with Jennifer Wingert, DAW Books, 1998.

        Flightless Falcon, DAW Books, 2000.

        A Time to Die, DAW Books, 2004.

        Nearly 50 Short Stories.


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