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Manno, Mike

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Comments from the author about writing:  I’ve always enjoyed writing – both fiction and non-fiction.  My undergraduate degree was journalism and, working as a reporter early in my career, I learned the value of telling a good story.  It was only a short step from telling a factual story to telling a fictional one. 

One thing that separates me from several of my writing friends is that I need to know the whole story before I begin to write.  In other words, I need to know how the story ends – in my case, who done it and why – before I can begin to write.  So I use a mental outline of the plot.  I see the outline like a road map for a vacation trip: I know where I want to end up, but on the way I’m willing to take a few side trips.

But more important to me than plot is character.  I work hard to create realistic characters that I hope the reader will identify with, and then I try to tell the story through their eyes and with their words.  Thus, I put a premium on dialogue.
I also try to write books that – while aimed at an adult audience – can be enjoyed by the whole family. Thus I try to eliminate graphic sex, undue violence, and profane language.  Family-friendly murder, you might say.

Book Types: Fiction

Audience Types: Young Adult, Adult

Genre: Mystery

Are you willing to do programs for schools, libraries, or other groups? Yes

If you are willing to do programs, will you charge a fee? No

Mailing Address:

Mike Manno
PO Box 27065
West Des Moines, Iowa 50265

E-mail Address:


County: Polk

Books By This Author

  • Murder Most Holy, Five Star, Waterville, Maine, 2006.
  • Murder Most Holy, Worldwide,Toronto, 2008.
  • End of the Line, Five Star, Waterville, Maine, 2010.

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