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Olson, Loren A.

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Comments from the author about writing: Daumier wrote in his review of the movie "8 1/2", “What a monstrous presumption to believe that others might profit from the squalid catalog of your mistakes.” But stories change minds;statistic don't. As a scientist I know the importance of statistics but stories are what brings the meaning of those statistics to life.

The well-lived life is one where we accept ourselves in spite of our mistakes and where we gain wisdom through our experiences.

As I psychiatrist, I deal with human suffering that I consider to be the most profound suffering of all. The Buddha said, "Pain is inevitable; suffering is optional." We cannot avoid those things in life that cause us pain. But the well-lived life is one where the suffering is limited by the actions we take.

So I believe Daumier was wrong. Stories, real or imagined, have the power to restore a sense of hope to those who are suffering and joy to those who are not.

Literary awards received and date received:

  • American Psychiatric Association, Editor of Newsletter of the Year and Honorable Mention for Essay of the Year.

Book Types: Nonfiction

Audience Types: Adults

Genre: Biography

Are you willing to do programs for schools, libraries, or other groups? Yes

If you are willing to do programs, will you charge a fee? Much of my speaking is pro bono for small groups with special interests and no money. For key note speaking I generally charge a fee that varies by the amount of time I must prepare, travel and distance, and the size of the group.

Agent: Linda Konner Literary Agency, 10 W 15th St #1918 New York, NY 10011, (212) 691-3419

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County: Madison

Books By This Author

  • Finally Out:  Letting Go of Living Straight, a Psychiatrist's Own Story, InGroup Press, Chicago, 2011.

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