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Hufferd, James

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Comments from the author about writing: My writing is based on my varied life experience, interests, research, and imagination. Accordingly, I have published fiction and non-fiction books of history (of the U.S. and Brazil), historical fiction, sociopolitical commentary and satire/comedy for adult and young adult readers, with two more books completed but not yet published. I am currently working on converting some of my novels into screenplays to submit to film makers.

Book Types: Fiction, Nonfiction

Audience Types: All Ages

Genre: Essays, History, Realistic Fiction, Politics, Historical fiction, Satire, Comedy

Are you willing to do programs for schools, libraries, or other groups? Yes

If you are willing to do programs, will you charge a fee? No, I would not charge, but would like an opportunity to promote or market my books.

Mailing Address: 618 S. 10th St., Adel, IA 50003

E-mail Address:

Phone: (515) 993-3399

County: Dallas

Books By This Author

  • Troublesome Country, Progressive Press, Palm Desert, CA, 2013.
  • Homeland: A Comedy, Progressive Press, Palm Desert, CA, 2012; e-book version: ePublish Partners, 2012.
  • Troublesome Country, Progressive Press, Palm Desert, CA, 2013;e-book version: ePublishPartners, 2012.
  • The Bells of Autumn, e-book version: ePublish Partners, 2011.
  • Cruzeiro do Sul, A History of Brazil's Half-Millennium, Vol. 1-New World Epic, Author House, Bloomington, IN, 2005.
  • Cruzeiro do Sul, A History of Brazil's Half-Millennium, Vol. 2-O Povo, 19th & 20th Centuries. Author House, Bloomington, IN, 2005; e-book version:, 2012.
  • The Majoritarian Solution, University Press of America, Lanham, MD, 1985.
  • The State of American Thought, Coronado Press, Lawrence, KS, 1968.

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