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Helgens, Sharon

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Comments from the author about writing: As a writer, I specialize in short stories - inspirational short stories. I believe we all experience moments of insight that change the way we think and feel. The stories I write illuminate these moments. They are about ordinary people - suffering losses, troubled by broken relationships, pressured by everyday problems. Somehow these people keep on going, swallowing their disappointments, shouldering their burdens, and trying again. The stories I write are about love. They're about hope. They're about searching for, and finding, the light at the end of the tunnel. They are warm, heartfelt family stories.

In the 25 years I've been writing, I've seen my work published in magazines in the United States as well as eight foreign countries - Canada, Scotland, Ireland, Australia, South Africa, Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. I'll never be rich, and I'll never be famous, but I love what I do, especially when I hear that my writing has touched someone's life in a positive way. I've won several awards through the years, but the thing that meant the most to me is when RTS Bereavment, an organization that helps people deal with the trauma of stillbirth and miscarriage, asked permission to reprint one of my stories, entitled "Heart-To-Heart". They wanted their counselors to distribute copies of this story during their group therapy sessions. I was thrilled when I heard that. It told me, more clearly than anything else, that my writing has value and meaning. I can think of no better reason for writing.

Now and then I speak at writers' conferences and, occasionally, teach classes on writing short fiction. I do as many presentations as possible, in an effort to promote and sell my short story collections. When presenting, I usually talk about the struggles I faced - learning to write then trying to get my work published. I will, however, tailor a presentation to the interests of the audience. For example, when talking to writer's groups, I spend most of the allotted time talking about the way I write and how I develop a short story idea. And, always, I read a story or two, from one or both of my books. Question and answer periods are always fun, time permitting.

Literary awards received and date received:

  • GOLDEN HEART FINALIST - 1986 (A contest sponsored by ROMANCE WRITERS OF AMERICA for unpublished authors)
  • CATHOLIC PRESS ASSOCIATION AWARDS - 2nd Place - 1989; 3rd Place - 1990; 1st Place - 1991
  • 25th Annual Sinipee Writers Contest - 3rd Place - 2010

Book Types: Fiction, Short Story Collection

Audience Types: All Ages

Genre: Realistic Fiction, Inspirational Short Stories

Are you willing to do programs for schools, libraries, or other groups? Yes

If you are willing to do programs, will you charge a fee? I am willing to do presentations for mileage alone. However, honorariums are gratefully accepted.

Mailing Address:  16658 130th Ave.,  Scotch Grove, Iowa 52310

Phone:  319-465-3995

E-mail Address:

Author's Web site:

County: Jones

Books By This Author

  • Patchwork, Stories of Hope and Healing, heART & home Books, Scotch Grove, Iowa - 2nd Edition 2010.
  • In Family Hands, More Stories of Hope and Healing, heART & home Books, Scotch Grove, Iowa 2009.

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