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Cronbaugh, Craig A.

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Craig Cronbaugh
Comments from the author about writing: Writing is the best opportunity one has to express oneself fully.  Writing demands a writer’s attention. A writer must design what is to be written. The design will include situations, characters, and places. Whether fiction or non-fiction, the art of good writing forces the writer to think inward, revealing something special about what is to be written.  A true thought process is evoked. The story begins.

I was a professional musician (drummer) for several years after graduating from high school in 1974. I started college in 1991 and shortly thereafter began writing for a small-town weekly newspaper. I had never written much before. I soon discovered that I was a natural at interviewing people. I wrote two features each week. My writing style was raw, but interesting. I was able to delve inside my mind and write about the colorful people I had interviewed. After all, as a voracious reader, my mind was prepared to compose my features based upon the storytelling skills I was attempting to emulate from my favorite authors.

Upon graduating from college, I began writing for a larger newspaper. Eventually, I became the editor of one of the corporation’s seven weekly newspapers. Not only were my story-telling skills improving, but the mechanics of my writing were improving, too.

I decided to write my book Reaching for a Star, based upon my friendship with legendary singer Frankie Laine, because people who had heard me tell of my friendship with Laine had commented that I should write a book about it. Therefore, the book was published.

My advice to beginning writers would be to write what you feel inside—but bring your thoughts and emotions out in the open. Then, each writer must be prepared to rewrite each story, each line, repeatedly. You will not write too many words that can stand as both a first and final draft. Using correct grammar and punctuation will be necessary. Figuring out correct grammar and punctuation will make your head spin. Correct word usage will give you nightmares. English is one of the most slipshod of all languages. Why? Because we talk differently than we write. We use slang, metaphors, similes, colloquialisms, and the list goes on. We use incorrect word usage in our everyday vocabularies. These bits of our English language cannot be used on the writer’s paper (character dialog is an exception). Be prepared to work a long time in order to have something beautiful in the end. When your writing is finished, you will have given reader’s something of yourself. In addition, if you did your job, readers will enjoy your work.

Book Types: Nonfiction

Audience Types: Adult

Genre: Memoir

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County: Polk

Books By This Author

  • Reaching for a Star: A Memoir of My Life, My Music, and My Friendship with Famed Singer Frankie Laine. Self-published by AuthorHouse, 2005.


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