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Rexroth, Sharon Jean

Comments from the author about writing:
I was reading to my grandchildren and noticed that they loved Dr. Suess books because of the rhythm and rhyme. I thought I could go to the library or bookstore and pick up a book for them that would teach them about Iowa in rhythm and rhyme. When I was unable to find a book like this, I decided that perhaps I should write one. I decided that to get the reader to see each site it would be a great perspective to be a bird who could view the places "from the sky". Since it was an Iowa book, I entitled it, "Iowa from the Sky". The bird for each state book is the state bird. The illustrations are unique because they are actually sites that can only be seen in Iowa (or other states).

Book Types: Nonfiction

Audience Types: Children, All Ages

Genres: Educational Children's Nonfiction Books, Educational Children's Nonfiction Books, History

Are you willing to do programs for schools, libraries, or other groups? Yes

If you are willing to do programs, will you charge a fee? Yes

Author Web site URL:

Mailing Address:

2500 Sunnycliff Dr.
Burlington, IA 52601

E-mail Address:

Phone Number: 319-754-6007 or 319-759-3002

Publisher Information:

Quixote Press - Bruce Carlson (for the state books and also "America from the Sky") Wever, IA

Evergreen Press - Brian Banashak - Atlanta, GA ("Bethlehem from the Sky")

County: Des Moines

Books By This Author

  • Iowa from the Sky, self-published, Wever, IA, 2005
  • Ohio from the Sky, Quixote Press, Wever, IA, 2006
  • America from the Sky, Quixote Press, Wever, IA, 2007
  • Illinois from the Sky, Quixote Press, Wever, IA, 2008
  • Bethlehem from the Sky, Evergreen Publishing, Atlanta, GA, 2008

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