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Pharaoh-Carlson, Linda Marie

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Comments from the author about writing: I have written for most of the sixty-one years I've lived. Poetry is my preferred choice of expression, as well as short stories. I also enjoy coming up with meaningful life quotes. After sixty years, it's easy to glean small wisdoms from every day living. When a person needs a voice, writing provides it. I have no style or genre that I claim and am a rather unconventional writer. The feelings just end up on the point down side of the pen most times, and as long as it makes sense, I feel it doesn't need to fit into a particular style or have a definite genre attached to it. This is how I feel most good writers should write. To me, writing is a freeing experience and allows one to dust the cobwebs out of the corners of day to day experiences, which then will constitute a tidy place in which the soul can comfortably dwell. Good poetry has inspired me in my lifetime, and it is what I hope to do for others. That, and to make people think. What touches my heart may just touch someone else's as well. Or perhaps reach into places of the heart that can be reached in no other way. I like to write regardless if it ever gets read or not. Writing means something to me, it is a part of who I am.

Others may let their life experiences and feelings lie dormant until they leave this earth, but in doing so, we may truly never get to know the real person living inside the familiar shell we've always known them to be. Writing allows the genuine person out. The “beneath the surface” human being that exists, but may rarely, if ever, get to show themselves to the tangible world around them.

And writing "rights" the world. It finds the solutions to some of our most perplexing problems. It eases pain and discomfort, lifts the soul, grants hope in hopelessness, and transports us into other worlds where creativity is loosed. It paints with words, the better things we need to see with our hearts.  These are the reasons I write.

For the fourth consecutive year, my poetry has been selected for the Iowa Poetry Association's annual anthology, Lyrical Iowa. Lyrical Iowa is published as a compilation of poems collected from the submissions of Iowa poets to the IPA's annual poetry contest. They are read by a panel of judges who then determine winners of that year's entries, and select from them which will appear in Lyrical Iowa. It is a privilege to have been chosen for publication by this great body of poets. Copies can be purchased through the Iowa Poetry Association website or They may be found in most of Iowa's Libraries as well.


  • Iowa Poetry Association anthology Lyrical Iowa 2010, 2011 and 2012, poems selected for the Children's division
  • Iowa Poetry Association Anthology Lyrical Iowa 2013, poems selected for in the Adult division.

Book Types: Poetry Collection, Short Story Collection

Audience Types: All Ages

Genre: Human Interest

Are you willing to do programs for schools, libraries, or other groups? Yes

If you are willing to do programs, will you charge a fee? Free Will Offering

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County: Boone

Books By This Author

Wanderings, of a Wayward Heart - Ponderings, of a Well Found Soul, Trafford Publishing, Victoria, BC, Canada, 2009.

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