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Book Reviews of "Strength in What Remains"

Book Reviews

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About Tracey Kidder

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University of Iowa Pulitzer Prize winners: Tracy Kidder

Interviews with Tracy Kidder

Nissley, Tom. “Best of September (and Omni Podcast): Tracy Kidder ‘Strength in What Remains,’” Omni Daily News, 2 September 2009.

“Strength in What Remains,” Expanded Books, YouTube. Uploaded July 24, 2009.
Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist Tracy Kidder’s book recounts with keen and uncompromising vision a courageous man’s journey from turbulence and genocide to a life of benevolence and healing.

Audio Interview with Tracy Kidder, Wiredfor, October 9, 1985.

About Deogratias Niyizonkiza

Niyizonkiza, Deogratias.  “Where There is Health There is Hope,” Women’s Refugee Commission,  19 May 2010.

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