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All Iowa Reads Committee

The All Iowa Reads committee is comprised of 10 members. Eight represent expertise from public libraries, academic libraries, a publisher or bookstore, a state government agency other than the State Library, and the State Library Commission. One of these must also be a member of the Iowa Center for the Book Advisory Council. All are appointed by the State Librarian of Iowa for two year terms that are renewable. Two permanent members are the Iowa Center for the Book Coordinator and the State Library Communications Specialist.

Members with terms ending 2015

  • Marvin Bergman. Editor, The Annals of Iowa
    State Historical Society of Iowa/Department of Cultural Affairs/Advisory Council
  • Susan Craig. Co-Chair
    Director, Iowa City Public Library/Advisory Council
  • Nancy Simpson.
    Representing Publishers or Bookstores
  • Jean Casey. Director, Clear Lake Public Library

Members with terms ending 2016

  • Karen Davidson. Co-Chair
    Learning Resources Coordinator, Northeast Iowa Community College
  • Monica Gohlinghorst. Trustee, Council Bluffs Public Library
    State Library Commission Representative/Advisory Council
  • William Ottens. Director, Oskaloosa Public Library

Members with terms ending 2017

  • Evan Anderson, Collection Development Librarian, Kirkendall Public Library, Ankeny

Permanent Members

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